Refrigerator Magnets


Refrigerator Magnets

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Refrigerator Magnets Expanding Loop: The innovative stainless-steel design allows the loop to expand to fit any size pen, pencil and marker Home and Office Use: Your pens will be securely attached to refrigerators, whiteboards, lockers, filing cabinets or any other magnetic surfaces making your pens easy to find and accessible in your home or office. Fridge Magnets Super Strong: A single magnet can securely hold up to 15 papers. Use as a refrigerator magnet to hold your shopping lists,grocery list, photos, projects or anything that needs to be handy. Mothers Day Gift : Great gift for friends, coworkers, teachers, doctors, nurses or your own self. Treat yourself to a pack of these versatile magnet holders and be surprised how easy life gets with pens around.

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